Health and Safety

ISO 45001:2018

The reference model for the development of the Safety Management System is ISO 45001:2018.
The development program of the Safety Management System, in terms of operational phases until the certification, consists in these steps:


The first step is to verify legislative and regulatory compliance of the production sites included in the project.
The results of this audit will allow to assess whether the buildings, infrastructure, facilities and areas affected meet the requirements in terms of permits, concessions, certifications.


This phase regards a review of management and operational activities focused on health and safety aspects. The ISO 45001:2018 will be used as a reference for the verification.

The results of this audit will help you to identify and plan activities to adapt the System to regulatory requirements. For each productive site, the risks will be identified and its potential impacts assessed in order to define and activate the necessary controls and monitoring.

Once the “significant” aspects, related to workplace health and safety in a workplace, have been identified and assessed, their objectives and improvement targets will be defined.

Assessments will be carried out on the basis of special feedback lists, assessing documentation on health and safety issues in the workplace.

The audits also include workplace surveys and interviews in order to check the actual implementation of the established rules. In view of the results of environmental audits and assessments, an operational plan of the activities will be prepared.

The activity plan is the tool that will allow you to systematically check the progress of the program and to have a clear and timely view of the distribution of tasks between the different Functions and Areas of the company.


The development of the Safety Management System is to carry out what is planned. The development of the system consists o in the following steps:

  1. Implementation of operational activities. All operational activities within each function are implemented, with the goal to align the internal organization with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018. These activities include the preparation of Safety Reports, the definition of Policies, milestones and Improvement goals, management reviews, the identification and implementation of corrective and preventive actions to remove non-compliance causes, etc.
  2. Issuance of Health and Safety System Procedures and Operational Instructions. The necessary documentation is prepared and issued to provide adequate evidence of the structure and management and operational criteria of the System.
  3. Internal audits. Internally, the controller are trained to carry out the inspection checks of the Safety System. In this regard, the people to be trained and qualified for the inspections will be identified within the organisation. The plan is defined and periodic audits are carried out in order to verify and document the progress and implementation of the project.

During the development of the project, an assistance is provided to the Project Manager and to the various managers, in particular by ensuring:

  • Monitoring scheduled activities
  • Methodological support in the legislative and regulatory review, identification of significant aspects, reviewing existing safety procedures and practices, assessing experiences from the analysis of accident data
  • The direct contribution in the drafting and issuance of the documentation of the Safety Management System in accordance with the applicable requirements
  • Regular and systematic awareness and training on the job of all the staff involved in the project.


The implementation of the Health and Safety Management System requires a close attention to aspects such as communication, training, awareness and the expertise of the staff involved.

Training is therefore carried out for staff directly involved in the development of the project. Training interventions cover the following topics:

  • The Safety Management System according to ISO 45001:2018;
  • Inspections of the Safety Management System.

In addition to the training, it will also be necessary to define and implement a Communication and Training Plan for all staff that, starting from the presentation of the activities program, can ensure the awareness and active support.


The role of our consultants consists in supporting and guiding the project during the entire development of the “Health and Safety Management System”, providing to the project manager and to the staff involved with the guidance and assistance in defining management and operational choices and writing the relevant documentation.

A special support is provided by our consultants to check progress of the program in order to comply with the planned times.

The commitment of the company’s staff is based on the degree of involvement in the various activities and concentrated mainly in the phase of the definition and preparation of the Operating Instructions of an essentially practical and technical character.

However, it is necessary that a person of the company to follow the project in all its phases to become the reference of our consultants and of all the staff within the company.

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