Production and Logistics

In a competitive market, companies must have to ensure, regardless the sector, always a high performance of their logistics-productive system and develop the ability to face rapid changes, adopting “lean” operating models that combine flexibility, responsiveness, quality and operational efficiency.

In this sense, companies that have been able to review their logistical-productive approach to “lean” configurations today are able to overcome this competitive challenge.

The “Lean Thinking” model, born in the automotive sector and now it is successfully applied in many sectors, it is considered an extremely effective approach with the capacity to integrate the various management and improvement techniques and methodologies that in recent years have developed and spread in companies, also following the cultural revolutions of Total Quality and later the Six Sigma.

Services offered in the production and logistics area:

  • Lean Production: follow the excellence of the production system
  • Quality Control & Improvement: Ensuring Control and Improvement of Product and Process Quality (P-FMEA, SPC, Cp/Cpk, etc.)
  • Six Sigma: reach the excellence for quality through the DMAIC approach
  • Industrial Engineering: study and improve working times and methods
  • Set-up Reduction: reduce production change times (SMED approach)
  • TPM – Total Productive Maintenance: Improve global plant efficiency (OEE), eliminate failures and reduce total maintenance losses and costs
  • Warehouse & Logistic Flow Management: Improve Material Flows and Inventory Control Systems (JIT/pull systems)
  • VSM – Visual Management System: Improve workplace organization and develop visual management systems (5S, mistake proofing/poka yoke, dashboard/andon, etc.)
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